Anabelle Vo

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Anabelle Vo is a filmmaker and graduate of the University of California, Irvine. She is also a festival programmer for the MY HERO International Short Film Festival. Anabelle enjoys waxing poetic about pop culture, feminism, and puppies. You can contact her via email:

Eva Haller

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THE TERM “FORCE OF NATURE” is not typically employed to describe an octogenarian, but it seems to be a good fit for philanthropist and activist Eva Haller, who has recently turned 84. One of her mentees, Jessica Mayberry, says “she seems never to be tired.” I see this for myself when I call to set […]


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Jeanne Meyers is a mentor for Women Transforming Media. She is the Director of The MY HERO Project, which she co-founded with Rita Stern Milch and Karen Pritzker. The project provides free resources for sharing stories, art, audio, and short films that celebrate heroes who are working for peace, human rights, and the environment. Prior […]

Wendy Milette

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Wendy Milette received her MFA in Production from the University of Southern California. She is a mentor for Women Transforming Media. As the Director of Media Arts Education for The MY HERO Project, Wendy trains teachers and students in new media production as well as storytelling based on the hero narrative. She has designed and […]