Gender Matters: Record-Breaking Funding for Women

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The Australian Government revealed the 58 recipients of Screen Australia’s Gender Matters program

Screen Australia, a federal government agency for film in Australia, has funded 58 female-led projects with $2.7 million as part of its Gender Matters program. CEO Graeme Mason said the agency wants to “flood the pipeline” with new and established filmmakers. Projects with Rachel Griffiths, Rachel Ward, Gracie Otto, Jane Campion and Jan Chapman are being funded through Gender Matters..

Declaring “It’s now time for action,” COO Fiona Cameron says the program will create an ‘express lane’ for female business ideas and stories. The Brilliant Stories recipients will develop creative concepts across film, TV and web. Brilliant Careers recipients focus on more long-term business initiatives that  create an of infrastructure to support opportunities for women such as networking and VOD platforms.

The record-breaking program sidestepped the catch-22 of breaking into the industry: by allowing applicants who, lacking the first professional credit, would normally not qualify.Cameron liked it to “opening the door a little wider.”

Source: Gender Matters: Record-breaking funding for women to be seen and heard